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Action butch dike lesbian lesbo lez lezbo queer


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And the crush of every varsity football player. It’s insulting and an attempt to erase us. My family and friends adamantly assure me when i come out at twenty-three that this being a lesbian is a passing phase. The end of that nightmare. Predictably, the memo was leaked to a conservative site and congress freaked friggin out.


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June 28, 2011

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Action butch dike lesbian lesbo lez lezbo queer. On social world theory see especially strauss (1979). Was a highlight of 2009, when it was a bestseller and a booker finalist. In the seventies i have the youthful chuztpah not to care and in fact i take pride in being an outlaw. How is not wanting to hear about people’s sex lives. If anything, from what i understand, the modern foundations of it in western activism of the 1960s had a strong heterosexual (straight) and/or possibly bisexual bent. And i love you more for it. Crazyanon, why would you think you get any hate for that?? that was hard to read, but i imagine much harder to write.


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You will follow effing dykes until your eyes bleed

And even after all these years (5 or 6) i still sometimes feel that way, even though ive grown up considerably. I don’t actually live there (can’t staaand cities — dilemma, right?), but that’s my city.

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