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Alan grayson asshole

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In an extended conflict, that’s going to mean we have a bunch of planes taking up hangar space, and not very many actually fighting. Remember, iraq and afghanistan are third-world countries. He let others, a bunch of sicko psychopaths, make the decisions, and he had an axe to grind with his father about hussein. That said, i will never defend the acquisition system. There was a similar myopia in how rumsfeld thought our ‘technology’ advantage meant we could subdue a gigantic nation with a piddling ground force. Its actually worth wading through.


Downwithtyranny!: 2019 will be more palatable with alan grayson in congress denouncing trumps lies dailyThe biggest jerk in congress | human events



In a mad, mad, mad, mad world: alan grayson = assholeGrayson allen is the latest in a long line of annoying, competent dookiesAlan grayson is an asshole | a geek with guns

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Alan grayson asshole. When we put up a pseudo-democrat or a neo-democrat or a quasi-democrat or a semi-democrat for team blue, our voters are not amused. It was because of the really stupid florida decision. Barely used and could bring good resale value. Hearing young people talk about spirituality is among the most unpleasant experiences imaginable. You can’t assume votes based on possibilities.

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Nowhere mentioned are the ‘low tech’ laborers who will be growing all the food for the matriarchs. Yet much more sophisticated and wealthy counties were the ones fucking up.

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