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Bumps that itch around my anus

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How to treat an itchy anus, and what is the cause - quora

A couple of years ago i developed a horrible case of anal itching. Just when i think i have it under control, something happens and i get another one. It gets worse when there is a build-up of gas in the gut and is somewhat relieved when the gas releases. Com and installed it myself. You could order it online and i would think you could tell your mother that you need it for “good health.

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What causes tingling or itching in anus & how to get rid of it?Bumps on anus, causes, pictures, (hard, red, small, white), lumps, painful, not painful, itchy, get rid, treatment

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Bumps that itch around my anus. It alleviates the itching very much. Cant take no more. Getting back to the issue at hand, i have somewhat gotten rid of the intensity of the fecal body odor, that i can actually smell from my anal area, but for whatever reason, cannot get rid of it altogether! i also notice, that i have severe burning down below, especially after a bowel movement and was wondering, if: internal or external hemorrhoids on the skin, can cause a fecal body odor, even after fully evacuating? please get back to me, whenever possible!! thankyou. If anal itching is prolonged, a physician should be consulted and a search made for the cause. And yes, it does feel sticky, but if i have to pick between itchy and sticky, you know what i’ll pick. Something is causing the irritation but i just don’t know what!!! – the yoghurt definitely is a help though – good luck all of you out there with this problem it’s a pain in the backside to be sure!!!


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Tough to diagnose as stools are often negative. In case you don’t know what causes it, you could try turmeric. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease(std) caused by simplex virus.

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