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Erotic museum copenhagen


Visit a one-of-a-kind sex museum in copenhagen | pinterest | copenhagen denmark, copenhagen and denmark

My curiosity was stronger than my skepticism and i decided to enter this infamous museum of sex, love, and pornography. And the final level is, dare if you will, a room of wall-to-wall pornography of varioius fetishes from normal man-women sex to woman-donkey felatio. It’s pricey but i think it is still worth the visit and recommend you check it out. If your browser asks for your location. 50 per cent of visitors were female. This erotic exhibition was highly popular among women, too. If you walk about stroget, copenhagen’s primary shopping street, eventually you’ll come across two attractive, smiling girls passing out colorful flyers that lead you to this museum: excellent marketing ploy on men.

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Erotic museum copenhagen. You walk up this plushly lit, red carpeted museum where you will be greeted by two attractive women. All rights for images and texts belong to their authors. Any of the materials published at a-a-ah! is to be used only upon provision of the active link to it as a source. Made with love by friendly team.

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This sex museum was open daily may 1 – september 30 from 10 am to 11 pm and october 1 – april 1 from 11 am to 8 pm. She was just doing her job *laughs*. To attach a video you just need to paste the link to it in the comment field.

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