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Supporting a bisexual daughter

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And don’t think for a minute that your friends and neighbors aren’t in the same boat. You will make mistakes, but you can fix them. Although it may be challenging for you to have this conversation, it is just as hard for them to share this new identity with you because they are often still questioning their own feelings. So no one is likely to harass neil patrick harris or cynthia nixon and their partners and new babies.


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Supporting a bisexual daughter. They just happen to be attracted to members of the same sex. The internet is a great source of information on the subject from trusted sources like the trevor project, the human rights campaign and many others. Some background info: there are three things among which we need to differentiate, and they are sex, gender, and sexual orientation. Remember: your job as a parent or grandparent is to advocate for your kid every step of the way. It is a natural tendency of this age to explore, to experiment and to make her own choice. I hesitated even writing this essay.

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I went on to college. This is the correct usage.

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